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Choosing computer parts

Before we are able to assemble or build a computer, we must start at the beginning.

To choose the right parts we must first know what type of computer we want to build.

Computer part list

A desktop computer needs following parts:

Needed peripherials:


What computer do you want to build?

Anyone who has build a computer asked himself this exact question.

We can separate computers in 4 computer types:

Gaming PC

Gaming computers are mostly limited by the graphics card and because of that, we choose all our components in a way that won't limit our graphics cards performance. Sure you can choose the fastest RAM and processor, but often this is a waste of money that could be spend on better peripherials or a better graphics card.

Office and Home PC

Office and home PC are computers mostly used to browse the web, watch videos, chat and do some light computer work like writing emails. Because of the low performance requirement, buying a laptop is the best choice as it takes less space and comes with a keyboard, monitor and touchpad.

Workstations PC

Workstations are computers optimized for specific tasks like rendering, streaming, AI neural networking and 3D modeling. You don't need to build a workstation necessarily, a more powerful gaming computer is also able to render videos asideo of playing games. Workstations are very time critical like 3D rendering and even a dedicated streaming computer.